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The Finding in the Temple

Recently, I was meditating on the mystery of the finding in the temple, and I was having trouble personally relating to the story. I thought, “How can I find Jesus in a temple? I haven’t lost Him, and I wouldn’t find Him in a temple even if He was lost.” It is true that Jesus is never lost; He is with us always, but we can lose our connection with Him. How often do you go through the motions of a busy day and realize later that you didn’t think of Him at all? In those moments, we do have to find Him again.

When we lose sight of dear Jesus, we will probably not find Him in a literal temple, but take a moment to think about what a temple, in its essence, really is. A temple is a place, a physical building. It is a place for prayer, for reading the Scriptures, for making a sacrifice, and for gathering with our brothers and sisters. A temple is peaceful, quiet, and beautiful.

When I thought of all of the elements that make up a temple, I realized that we can find Jesus in each of these pieces. No, we can’t find Jesus in a literal temple in this day and age, but we can find Him in a sacred place, which is our Church. We find Him in prayer, in the Scriptures, in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and in our brothers and sisters who are the Body of Christ. We find Him in our own temples, that is, we find Him within ourselves. We find Him in peace and silence and beauty.

Finding Jesus in the Temple


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Here is a beautiful poem that I found on my friend’s website (www.motherofgod.tv) :

Whenever a nail would drop
On the floor of the carpenter shop
St. Joseph was careful to assure
That one did not enter premature.

He feared for the safety of his Son
Cleaning them up when work was done
And he knew other sacred feet
Would walk over lumber to share a treat.

She would come many times a day
With sweetness and adoration on display
And sharing something cool to drink
Not knowing where some nail might sink.

For her a nail put things together
Never tearing asunder in raw weather
So she was oblivious to the implication
Of nails used in horrible accusation.

But St Joseph would be very careful
Nails would not enter one so prayerful
For her tender loving feet
Were his to protect and greet.

But alas on a hill between earth and heaven
One day –nails into a cross were driven
And fastened firm, four sacred feet
Both sharing Redemption complete.

And Mary remembered the Carpenter Shop
Where nails would occasionally drop
And now she desired them to enter in
To her flesh also to atone for sin.

For she was united to her Son
In a bond of love not to be outdone
And she would do whatever must be done
For grace and mercy to drop from her Son.

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Have You Been to Adoration Today?

Today, as I was surfing the web, a stumbled upon this glorious resource. It is a live video feed from an adoration chapel! If you don’t have time to go to adoration, or if you don’t live near a 24/7 chapel, I invite you to pray while you watch the live feed. I know it may sound a bit ridiculous at first, but it is really just like Skyping a friend that lives too far away from you for regular visits.

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